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About Kate MacPhee Structural Integration Therapist

About Kate MacPhee Structural Integration Therapist

BCSI Certified, KMI

Welcome, Friends. I came to Structural Integration (SI) while healing from a congenital back deformity. Faced with the possibility of spinal surgery, I embarked on my own healing journey where I found that the Structural Integration process, along with yoga, allowed me freedom from pain and an ease in movement that I had not experienced in years. I am now pain-free every day and enjoy yoga, running, gardening, skiing and playing with my children in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I am excited to share the potential of Structural Integration therapy with my clients, and believe in this work as a means to transform both mind and body.

As a licensed therapist with an active, repeat client base, I am the Mount Washington Valley’s best-kept secret. I specialize in helping my clients with a variety of health improvements from chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorder, whiplash, TMJ symptoms, and work related injury. I work directly with the connective tissue of the body, inside and out, so my work is unique. I am one of a small number of Structural Integration practitioners in New Hampshire, and I provide conscious, therapeutic care for my clients through a variety of techniques. It is difficult for me to explain exactly what I do, or how I do it – but Structural Integration is a respected practice that works for many, but not all, in alleviating common discomforts caused by our bodies.  I have spent many years studying with some of the most respected SI mentors. My practice is conveniently located in the heart of charming North Conway Village, the center of our universe here in the Mount Washington Valley. Though my services are not insurance based, or for everyone, I am happy to consult and coordinate your care with your Doctor, Osteopath, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist or any other member of your healthcare team. My work speaks for itself, and my testimonials are tried and true representations of how my therapies have made a difference in the lives of the people I have had the pleasure of working with. Give me a call for more information on the best ways to start your SI transformation. Please note that my work is physically demanding of my time and personal energy, so emails and messages are difficult for me to respond to immediately, so please be patient. Many thanks for your understanding, and I look forward to starting you on your own healing journey soon!

Kate MacPhee
BCSI Board Certified Structural Integrator
Transformational Body Therapy
50 Seavey Street, North Conway, NH | 603-986-4964